Sunday, February 3, 2013

Catch Up #2 & Christmas 2012

The Christmas season started off with the Wiltbank Bunch traveling to the Palouse to watch Carly Noyes and the rest of the Cougs play some basketball. It was so great seeing her! We then had one assembly to attend, (Kaelsy got her first award!)and three Christmas programs. Phew! Can't wait until there will be 5! Of course the season brought out the decorations. I was busy with the inside and Brady was very busy with the outside. This year saw the addition of lots more lights and a Nativity (our favorite part). Brinly (and the cat) loved the tree, especially the beads that hung down...note to self: may need to leave off the beads from now on. The kids were so excited for Christams to come. Christmas Eve brought all new jammies for all of the kids and everybody was down by a decent time-9:30! Made Santa's time so much smoother! The only were rearing to go by 4:30am!!!!! We had a very early start and a second wave started about 7ish when Brinly got up, too. Santa is so smart and must have known that a little more snow would come for us to enjoy the sleds he brought! Great times!